About us

In 1995 Arno Bechel started as a one-man business in the system integration sector for video/audio and satellite up-and downlink technology. His many years of experience could convince customers to put their – then very cost intensive – integration in solid hands. That was when the success story of Becom began.

Due to the constantly growing digitization in the sector of broadcasters and satellite operators, their main requirements for fail-proof and loss free transmission was increasing rapidly. Thus, the challenges to quickly adapt into new working areas and to gain practical experience as early as possible, continued to grow.

The increasing demand and the readiness to respond to customer wishes individually and quickly, resulted in growth and the company established itself more and more in the market. Hence, another thriving company was founded in Luxembourg in 2004.

In order to serve our customers with the best possible professional service, Becom invested in planning equipment and tools to enable uncomplicated and rapid processing of customer demands.

A special kind of „Networking” with other companies in different sectors was developed – companies, who also imposed high demands on quality. This network enables us to offer a comprehensive service (“Turnkey Solutions”) with customized individual results. Thus, entire projects lie in one competent pair of hands.

Earlier and still today, our primary goal is customer satisfaction. This is the key to success, for us that means a consistent and vested interest in new technologies and their professional and detailed planning, and implementation as well as attention to detail and the eye for the extraordinary.